Kitchen Foldable Silicone Strainer-Saver Folding Strainer Colander (Square) - B07CQHMMF3

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  • 1、High quality PP material: food grade PP material, non-toxic, no odor, Temperature resistance -10℃ ~100℃

  • 2、Cleaning, draining and placing three-in-one

  • 3、Easy to accept, easy to take and easy to put. After washing, fruit can be used as fruit basket and fruit cleaned. Touch lightly and turn it into a piece. It can be placed directly on the table.

  • 4、Size for you reference:30 cm in diameter. You can use them for different pot sizes, to strain and rinse different amounts of food and more.

  • 5、Folding, wall hanging, no space occupation, easy storage and easy cleaning.

  • Size :Square

    Product information:
    Material: TRP+PP
    Color: Red + dark grey
    Weight: 510g
    Size: 38*26.5* 12(4.7) cm,
    1、After folding, it is only 4.7cm, which greatly reduces the volume and facilitates storage.
    2、You can wash and drain at the same time. After washing the fruit, you can put the fruit plate directly on the table.

    1、Deployment method: Hold down the bottom and gently push it outward to expand easily.
    2、Storage method: Hold down the handle and gently press it downward.

    Maintenance instructions:
    1、Before use, the product can be washed with clean water to remove surface dust.
    2、When cleaning products, please use soft sponge or soft cotton cloth to clean, do not use rough cleaning tools to clean, so as to avoid scratches or breakage of products.
    3、Products should be cleaned at less than 70 degrees centigrade, please do not be cleaned by boiling water for a long time. After cleaning, place them in a cool and ventilated place to dry quickly.
    4、Please store the product in a dry and cool place. Do not place it in a high temperature place, especially near the source of fire. Avoid the softening and deformation of the product.
    5、Do not contact corrosive chemicals to avoid corrosion.

    Kitchen Foldable Silicone Strainer-Saver Folding Strainer Colander (Square) - B07CQHMMF3

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