Iron Pineapple Table Napkin Holder - Heavy Duty Metal Serviette Dispenser Cocktail Napkin Holder - B00IEYWIZO

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  • MADE in the USA! Supporting United States craftsman.

  • Hand crafted wrought iron, with a baked on flat black powder coating; lead free & rust resistant

  • Long lasting wrought iron for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Black oxide 1" #8 Phillips Pan Head Screws are included if required.

  • Decorate your entire living environment with the elegance of wrought iron. The metal used in our wrought iron products contain alloys of .01% to .29% carbon and iron. The silhouettes are cut from sheets of this low carbon wrought iron on a laser cutter and are then hand welded if needed, or hand bent, and then powder coated. A new modern and artistic way is how our products are made; appearing very different from the well-known medieval "hammer and anvil" look popular culture is accustomed to.

  • Wrought Iron Pineapple Napkin Holder :: Approx. 5 3/4In W x 6In H This product is completely USA made! Hand crafted with an iron finish in powder black. Product is sold individually.


    Welcome friends and family to your table with the international symbol of hospitality: the pineapple.


    Sharing your table with those you love is one of life's greatest pleasures. The symbol of the pineapple tells family and friends that they are welcomed to your home and table. It's a very old tradition. The first Europeans learned it from the Caribs. When a pineapple was set at the entrance of a village, it meant visitors were welcomed. Colonial Americans quickly picked up this custom and the pineapple has been a sign of welcome ever since. Now the symbol of the pine cone shaped fruit has become internationally known as a sign of hospitality and kindness. You can continue the tradition with the Wrought Iron Pineapple Napkin Holder. This wrought iron kitchen organizer is hand crafted and made in the USA. The pineapple décor can be coordinated with matching house ware. The classic pineapple napkin organizer features an iron finish in black powder coating. American artisans created a piece which will add a welcoming grace to dining room or kitchen. The handcrafted napkin holder can store 7"by 7" square napkins. Carry on the tradition of the pineapple with the Wrought Iron Pineapple Napkin Holder.

    Iron Pineapple Table Napkin Holder - Heavy Duty Metal Serviette Dispenser Cocktail Napkin Holder - B00IEYWIZO

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