CXP Barbecue Placemat Non-stick Thick Anti-fouling Kitchen High-temperature Barbecue Bakery Tools Oven BBQ Oil Spare Parts - B078JP7SWD

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  • ✔Durable: high temperature, but also in the -70 ~ 260 ℃ environment continued to use, for repeated use barbecue mat. After use can be rolled up easily stored. Thicker and 45% of the coating will ensure longer life.

  • ✔Easy to use:Just place the hob in your oven or on the grill to suit all your stoves, with no rubbing or scrubbing splashes and baking bread. Non-sticky, coated Teflon PTFE, very smooth, easy to stick to food

  • ✔Eco-friendly: No chemicals, curls, cracks, smoke or chemicals are released. Does not contain any chemicals, and does not waste energy.

  • ✔Easy to clean: No tackiness, helps quick and easy cleaning, keeping it fresh and years old. No need to scrub after each cooking. Just remove the cooling pad, wipe with a damp cloth, flat on top of the dishwasher shelf can be.

  • ✔Versatile: Suitable for any kind of grill smoked, charcoal, gas or electricity. Simply place the barbecue mat on the grill surface and lay the fish, steak, chicken or vegetable directly on the mat. It also prevents the smallest debris from falling through the grate.

  • Product parameters:

    Colour: Black
    Size: 1.3 * 1ft
    Quantity: 3pcs
    Shape: square
    Material: baking paper
    Applicable space: kitchen
    Packaging Details: 3 * barbecue mat


    1. Anti-sticking is particularly good, the surface is smooth, not easy to adhere to any substance. Easy to clean attached to the surface of a variety of grease, dirt, etc., can be used repeatedly.
    2. Prevent grease deposits from overflowing to the bottom of the oven during baking. The size can be cut according to your requirements.
    3. Can be safely used in dishwashers, non-toxic, safe access to food, and anti-corrosion features.

    Usage and care instructions

    1. Wash with warm soapy water before use, save the package for storage and storage.
    2. Cut the oven mat / oven liner into any shape suitable for your oven, grill, toaster, stove, etc.
    3. Do not place the oven mat / oven mat directly on the oven floor or in an open fire or coal block (over 7 inches) too close.
    4. Remove the liner and let the oven cool down.
    5. For best results, clean it up immediately. Do not use any abrasive pad or detergent.

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    CXP Barbecue Placemat Non-stick Thick Anti-fouling Kitchen High-temperature Barbecue Bakery Tools Oven BBQ Oil Spare Parts - B078JP7SWD

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